Thursday, March 8, 2007

First Kiss

Last weekend at the park, a 2 yr old boy riding around on his tricycle had Reagan like a deer in headlights. He must have thought her stare meant more because when he came over to say hi, he very sweetly bent over and gave her a peck on the cheek. Cam didn't think he'd have to worry about her dating yet ... poor Dad.

Reagan also went in the swings, rode the bouncy fish, went on the slide by herself, and walked around holding our hands! She can now grab a finger from a seated position and stand up and start walking with one finger hold.


  1. Is she walking?? It sure looks like she's walking. Get her up to speed on that by March 24 -- that's when I'll be in California next -- and we can start on skating.

  2. ha ha ... don't worry, your kid will be born with em, so not much longer to wait. She's not walking on her own ... afraid to take steps without at least the tip of a finger to hold onto. Wow, so you're here mar 24, mom's there mar 29 and then here apr 4. cool!