Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day and 30th Birthday Rikki!

Reagan's friend Dante turned 1 on March 15th and celebrated today. Reagan sported her new hat and "St. Patrick's Day" tank from Old Navy for the party. As usual, several comments were made about how cute and happy Reagan is. One mom, who we've met a couple times at Library Story Time, actually wanted to take a picture of Reagan to show her husband (who couldn't be there today) how cute she is. That's my proof that I'm not just saying this stuff cause I'm her mom. :-) Anyway, she does seems more animated, talkative, excited, social, and outgoing compared to most other babies. Everytime I bring her into a full room, she starts shrieking with delight and pointing. When I put her down to play, she does her crazy butt scoot crawl very quickly, laughing and shrieking and waving hi. She'll go right up to other adults and climb on their legs and talk to them and wave hi too. It's pretty cute. She definitely draws attention. I'm pretty sure she's not shy. :-) Anxious about separation, though, that's another story. She checks that I'm still near by from time to time. If I'm not (ya know, like when I leave her alone sometimes ... JK!), she suddenly needs to be held non-stop by her caregiver. It's only been a handful of times, no longer than 2 hrs so far, so I'm hoping she gets used to the fact that Mommy comes back and everything's ok. She did leave the arms for a few minutes to play with toys the last time, so maybe we have progress.

Here are all the babies that attended the party (from left: Reagan, the bald one, Jake, Dylan, Dante (birthday boy), Aubry (only other girl), Brayden (well, his butt at least), and Charlie (the other almost bald one, but he's only 4 months, so he has an excuse). Oh, then there's me who's actually not a baby and shouldn't have been in the picture ... oops!

Here's Reagan walking with Daddy in the backyard, where they had fun toys set up for the babies.

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