Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Getting Ready for Baby Bwuzzo

The guest room is being transformed into a second baby room. I got all the painting done in November and all the clothes we have so far hung in the closet and organized in the drawers. The crib will go in as soon as we get a new bed for Reagan. Here's Reagan "helping" me paint.


  1. I guess now it's officially public? Though I suppose "bwuzzo" is actually secret parent-kid language; not sure how many people can decipher that.

    Also, why don't family comment on your posts? Get with the program, family!

  2. They always comment to me over email when I send a reminder out that the blog's been updated. Nobody's advanced enough to get a feed like you I guess (including myself, I tried to follow your instructions to set up feeds ... no go). I'll let people know they should put comments on here as well as or in addition to email cause it would be nice to have comments right with blog posts for future reminiscing.