Sunday, June 3, 2007


Reagan is infatuated with shoes. She brings her shoes from her shoe basket all the time, wanting us to put them on her. She also brings us our shoes to wear, even if we already have another pair on. I think she's excited about the concept of us all having these things we put on our feet. I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday and she seems a little extra excited about them, pointing them out more often and saying her signature word, "dat". She knows they're new to our shoe family. Here she is trying on Daddy's shoes that are almost as tall as her.

Reagan's other favorite is books. One of her favorites is Cordoroy's Day. You can just see her relating to it as we read it to her. Just like Reagan, he wakes up, puts his clothes on (or gets clothes put on in her case), eats breakfast (she's doing her "hungry" sign for that page),

plays with toys, reads books, eats with friends, takes a bath, and goes to bed. It's the never ending book because she always wants to see him wake up and go through his day again.


  1. She looks so tall there, reading with Cam! (Or maybe it's just that she's not 25% head any more -- babies sure are proportioned funny :)

  2. she's getting taller lately. I've suddenly noticed that pants that were too long on her are fitting perfectly now.